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Raspberry Eclairs
Ekaterina Kurbatova
Ekaterina Kurbatova
Dragee “Hazelnut – orange”
Ekaterina Kurbatova
Pistachio-apricot eclairs
Ekaterina Kurbatova
Thai Bonbons
Hans Ovando
Art&Choc. Course about chocolate bonbons (Subtitles)
Vladislav Panchenko
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What says our students

Очень нежный муссовый десерт с легкой ягодной начинкой. Потрясающе рассыпчатая песочная основа, с ней нужно обходиться предельно аккуратно. Дегустаторы были приятно удивлены, вкус самобытный и запоминающийся.
The lesson on “Sibirica cheesecake” (Subtitles)
Вы большая молодчинка. Спасибо вам большое за рецепт и прекрасное объяснение. Завтра же буду пробовать! Очень хочется стать первоклассным кондитером. В Ереване большой спрос на французскую выпечку и десерты.
Salted caramel (Subtitles)
Эклеры, которые я так люблю, к которым я так боялась подступиться... и которые получились у меня с первого раза! Спасибо большое за Ваш труд - подготовка, съемка, подача материала представлены на очень высоком уровне. У вас очень понятные и наглядные уроки. Все - чётко по делу, никакой «воды». И результатом я очень довольна - настоящие карамельные эклеры с тем самым вкусом из детства. И даже ещё вкуснее! Спасибо!!!
Caramel eclairs

Online pastry courses

Online pastry school Coup de Coeur Online is a unique opportunity for everyone to learn not only basics, but also all secrets and tricks of art of making desserts and other amazingly tasty dishes!
Here you can find:

  • Free lessons — to try your skills and discover your talent for pastry.
  • Courses for beginners — is a good opportunity to master new interesting and profitable profession of pastry cook, and even maybe to start your own business.
  • Advanced courses and master classes — an opportunity to improve your skills and rise your level to the top of pastry paramount.
The teachers of our school offer illuminating insights into possibility of learning pastry art straight from home. That is why courses and master classes by Coup de Coeur Online chefs and invited chefs are now available in online-format.
Pros of online pastry courses are evident. For example:
  • No need to go somewhere: courses and master classes by Coup de Coeur Online are available from everywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or a smartphone, internet and a willing to learn. You will learn new and fascinating knowledge and tricks which will help you to amaze your friends, move your parents to tears or steal the way to a heart of a special person.
  • There’re no strict schedule with timekeeping of days or hours. You can watch online pastry courses any time you want.
  • Together with video lessons you get detailed recipe book of a course.
  • You can choose the amount of new knowledge you need by paying only those lessons and courses you’re interested in.
Pastry courses are thought out to every detail and match for every level of preparation. In a big data of pastry lessons you can find a lots of interesting information for beginners as well as for professionals. Basic pastry courses will help one to learn basic techniques and will help to avoid mistakes in the future. And those, who already have skills in pastry can master lots of subtle tricks of making true masterpieces of high art of pastry.
Long term courses contain not only a set of lessons, theoretic materials and home tasks, but also a constant feedback from a teacher. Due to work in close connection with a supervisor our pastry courses are very close to a real practical course and give a 100% result.

Online-lessons with subtitles — an additional benefit!

To bring courses to a wide range of people the teachers of our school have made a really unique product: pastry courses with subtitles.  If you think that subtitles are only useful for people with hearing loss, it is not really true. For example:
  • You are a young mom, who can watch lessons only while a baby sleeps, but afraid to wake the baby up. Turn the subtitles on and study while the baby sleeps.
  • You are a student on a boring lecture and you don’t know what to do in order not to fall asleep. Watch our online lesson with no sound.
  • You’re traveling by a long-distance train or bus. Watch our lessons with subtitles on your phone, tablet or laptop without disturbing other passengers.
  • You perceive written information better than audio. No problem: watch video lessons with subtitles and you’ll be able to process the information much better!

Watching videos with subtitles you can get information through several channels of perception at the same time: you see the picture, you hear the sound and you can read the text go the lesson, what will provide you with better digesting of the lesson.
Welcome to the world of pastry art together with online school Coup de Coeur online!