Hazelnut truffles (Subtitles)

Lesson on the preparation of truffles with hazelnut praline


Ekaterina Kurbatova
Ekaterina Kurbatova
Practicing pastry specialist. Finished course “Cakes and individual cakes” at the International School of Pastry Olivier Bajard (France). Attended classes by Nina Tarasova, Tatiana Verbitskaya, Patrick Casula, Quentin Bailly, Hans Ovando, Ekaterina Swarovskaya, Andrei Kanakin, Olga Van Jung and others.
Chef-instructor at the “Coup de Coeur Pastry Studio”

Course/lesson composition

Hazelnut truffles
Making ganache
Making emulsion
Piping the ganache
Molding truffles

What says our students

Отличный урок! все очень доступно и понятно
Hazelnut truffles (Subtitles)
Супер рецепт со всеми тонкостями технологии, впервые столько раскрыто теории процесса!!! Спасибо)))
Чебан Алеся
Hazelnut truffles (Subtitles)
je suis tombée sur votre site par hasard on instegram j ai adoré bien expliquer même avant de prendre le cours vous avez les ingrédients l équipements je suis contente d être parmi vous merci
hajar ben
Hazelnut truffles (Subtitles)

What is necessary

  • Blender
  • Stewpot
  • Pastry bag
  • Measuring jug
  • Cream 33%
  • Trimolin
  • Glucose syrup
  • Hazelnut praline
  • Hazelnut paste
  • Milk chocolate 40%
  • Cocoa butter
Hazelnut truffles (Subtitles)
  • Duration: 09:07
  • Author: Ekaterina Kurbatova
  • Level: Light
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