Can I take a course/lesson if I’m not in Belarus?
Yes, you can take our on-line courses from any location. All you need is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an access to the Internet.
Can I get to know in advance what equipment and ingredients are required for the course?
Yes, all necessary equipment and ingredients for a particular course/lesson are mentioned in the description of each course/lesson. This information is available before payment.
What qualification is required?
The necessary qualification is mentioned in the description of each lesson. If you have any doubts on the issue we’re always ready to help you with it. 
What is the difference between invited chef’s video streaming and separate lessons of Coup de Coeur online studio?
You can watch video streaming courses of invited chefs any time you like, but it doesn’t involve supervision.
When buying a separate lesson in Coup de Coeur online studio there’s a possibility to have a supervisor for extra price. When buying a whole course you will have a supervisor as a bonus.
What is supervision?
During each course/lesson you will have a teacher-supervisor. After each lesson you will get a home-task with a deadline. During the whole course you have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss mistakes with your supervisor.
Will I get a certificate after a course?
 You will get a certificate after passing a whole course. Certificates are not issued on buying a separate lesson or a video streaming course of invited chefs. 
Can I refund money if I didn’t like a course?
No, in this case money will not be refunded. Before buying a course/lesson we advise you to read thoroughly the whole description of the course or the lesson, to learn what qualification, ingredients and equipment are required for a particular course/lesson. You can also read our students’ reviews.  
What is the difference between the course and the lesson?
Can I buy a course as a gift for somebody?
Yes, of course. You just need to fill out the form and we will send you an account for payment. After payment the student will receive a letter with instructions about the course.
I work at home but I want to move to the professional level. Will courses be helpful for me?
Most of our lessons are designed for those who make cakes at home. But at the same time we are oriented to the level above the average.  This means that most of recipes are at the medium or high level of difficulty. During courses you will receive theoretical and practical knowledge which will help you not only to work at home, but also to improve your professional level. Maybe you will even decide to open your own business =)
How many times can I watch a lesson?
Access to video materials will be available to you within 90 days.