Payment and repayment

The system gives an opportunity of payment by cards of the international payment service providers VISA and MasterCard.
For payment by means of the cash card it is necessary:
Step 1. Click "Courses" the section
Step 2. Choose the course or a lesson that you are interested, issue the request and click "Register"
Step 3. After that it will be offered to you to pay the course online.
Step 4. At the opened page of Paddle  payment service provider enter data of the bank card, the e-mail address, contact phone and press the button “Pay”.
Reasons for refusal can be the following:
The issuing bank of the Client does not support safe technology of processing of payments 3D-Secure which is obligatory required by the international payment service provider VISA, Master Card;
There are not sufficient funds for payment of the order on the card;
The issuing bank of the Client set the prohibition of payment on the Internet (some banks put the prohibition of payment via the Internet, being afraid of fraud);
Waiting time of data entry of the cash card has been expired (it is necessary to enter within 40 minutes);
The entered data were not confirmed by the Client on the payment page, an error of the data format and. etc.
Depending on a cause of deny the authorization in advancing the issue you may:

To repeat payment attempt, but not earlier than in 20 minutes;
To address the Issuing bank for explanations;
In case of impossibility of dealing with the issue by Bank — to repeat payment attempt, having used the card emitted by other Bank.
If you pay with the bank payment card, repayment of money is carried out on the same card by means of which payment has been made. For implementation of repayment, it is necessary for the client:

For the repayment on the plastic card of the client it is necessary:
To send the written statement (in the free form) on repayment to the address, having specified the repayment reason.
The decision on repayment is shall be made by self-employed entrepreneur Kurbatava within 7 (seven) calendar days.
In case of payment by the bank payment card repayment is carried out on the same card by means of which payment has been made.
Period of repayment - up to 30 (thirty) calendar days.
Data transfer is carried out by means of the certain canal using the modern cryptography techniques. At the same time any possibility of interception of confidential information is excluded. Data are transferred in encrypted form and stored only on the specialized server of the WebPay system.
After committing the payment with use of the cash card it is necessary to save the obtained cards checks (payment confirmation obtained in the E-commerce shop) for matching with an extract from card account (for the purpose of the made transactions confirmation in case of disputable situations).